• Fried yam and pepper sauce
  • Long-grain rice, spices, vegetable and 2 pieces of beef
  • Fried Fish
  • Grilled steak with special spice


About us

Located 10 minutes south of downtown Pittsburgh, African Cuisine LLC serves delicious traditional Nigerian and West African dishes. African Cuisine LLC is the vision of Dr. Saudat Lawal and her husband Luke Lawal to bring the fresh and delicious tastes of their home to Pittsburgh. Dr. Lawal has a passion for the food business and wants to bring the magical flavors and exciting dishes of Nigeria to the U.S. in a new and approachable way.

Mrs. Lawal was born in Ibadan, Nigeria (West Africa) where she grew up in her family’s restaurant and loved the business. She worked as an accountant in African Petroleum for 10 years before she migrated to the United States in 1997. Upon getting to the U.S. she had a change of career and became a registered nurse and has since been practicing nursing with great passion and caring for humanity. She has held various management positions in hospitals and long-term care facilities, including the Director of Nursing at Lifecare Hospitals in Pittsburgh. She is currently concluding her doctoral degree in nursing at Robert Morris University.